Alto Live 1202 12 Kanal Mikser
  • İLAN NO643
  • İLAN TARİHİ08/15/2019
  • KIMDENMağaza
  • MARKAAlto professional

İlan Açıklaması


Alto Professional Live 1202 -Watt 12-Channel 2-Bus Mixer.

The Live 1202 12-Channel/2-Bus Mixer with DSP and USB from Alto is a professional 12-channel, 2-bus mixer equipped with flexible routing options and onboard DSP tools designed for use in live sound reinforcement. It features 7 balanced XLR inputs with switchable phantom power, 3-band EQs for additional tonal shaping, two aux sends per channel for external effects and monitoring, and a 9-band graphic EQ for main or monitor outputs. A headphone jack with an independent level control enables additional monitoring and mixing. The Live 1202 features 60mm faders with LED meters designed to provide precise control and visual feedback for accurate, hands-on mixing.

Each microphone channel is outfitted with a high-headroom low-noise DNA microphone preamp. Live 1202’s high headroom results in cleaner mixes with a purer signal path. The onboard analog compression (channels 1-4) helps control dynamics and gel instruments together for a cohesive, defined mix.

You can record your mix directly to a Mac or PC with a single USB connection via the built-in USB port. The USB port enables you to convert two channels of 24-bit audio (Main Mix or Sub Mix 1/2) directly to a computer. Record live performances, band practices, theater performances, speaking events, and other live sound events onto your computer for additional editing, mixing, and post-production. The USB connection is bi-directional, enabling sound files stored on your computer to be streamed to and played through the Live 1202.

The Live 1202 comes with built-in 24-bit Alesis effects. You can select from 100 DSP effects that give you additional creative control in any mixing environment. Choose from room and space delays, small and large hall acoustics, plate and spring reverbs, flangers, choruses, and more. The effects presets make it easy to dial in your required sound or experiment with different effect settings. This mixer features color coding for each section, and provides brightly colored knobs so you can quickly and easily find what you need to adjust when working in dimly lit environments. The blue, green, red, yellow and white pots are easy to identify in low lighting. The LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power also assist in making sure that you have multiple visual cues that reflect everything you’re hearing.

Özellikler :

  • 12-Kanal / 2-Bus Dinamik Kontrolü ile Mikser, Alesis DSP ve USB
  • DNA ™ mikrofon preamp ve fantom güç ile 7 XLR girişler
  • Kanallar 1-4 Dinamik sıkıştırma
  • 3-band EQ; 2 aux gönderir, pan kontrolü
  • 75 Hz alçak kesim filtresi ile Kazanç kontrolleri
  • Mute anahtarı ve LED ile 60mm fader
  • Atanabilir 9-bant grafik EQ-ana veya monitör
  • 256 Alesis etkileri; 16 çeşit x 16 varyasyonları
  • USB seviyesi kontrolü ile ses bağlantısı
  • XLR ve 1/4 “çıkışları; 1/4” aux gönderir ve döner
  • Bağımsız seviye kontrollü kulaklık çıkış